Omega Extinction: The Experiment
Published 2 years ago
Omega Logs 3, out this week!

Omega Extinction: The Experiment- Omega Logs #3

Hello everyone! This week i'm bringing some gameplay footage of The Experiment in our game "Omega Extinction". This video showcases all of the Experiment's abilities and gameplay.
His abilities are as follows:
Bridging- The experiment can bridge the dimensions, and fade out of our reality. This highlights where all the other players are on the map and turns the experiment invisible, however he cannot attack until he bridges back into our reality. Clever or quick players may also notice where he bridged, and still shoot him, temporarily phasing him back into our world.
Disgusing- The Experiment can also disguise himself as a human, making him indistinguishable from your teammates. He can use this to seamlessly blend in with the other humans, and when the time is right: strike.
Terror- We've also introduced a new feature, seen briefly in this video called "Terror". When the experiment is not bridging or disguised, as he gets close to humans their camera begins to shake, affecting their suits, making it harder to see. The closer the experiment is, the more severe the terror's corruption.
Melee- The Experiment has a giant claw arm, which deals massive damage to the humans. He also has a hefty health pool himself, so being close to him is certain death.
Callouts- The Experiment can also use callouts to "speak" to the human players. These callouts are various taunts/dialogues to unnerve the human players, or manipulate the direction they may be facing.
That's all for this week, and as usual comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!
Sam Heaslip
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