Omega Extinction: Announcement
Published 2 years ago
First look footage at the In-Development project "Omega Extinction".

Omega Extinction- Omega Logs#1 (Gameplay Footage and More)

Hi everyone! I'm very happy to finally start sharing some footage for our currently in-development game "Omega Extinction". I've posted two previous articles about Omega Extinction, but I've just noticed that I never posted here about the first video, explaining Omega Extinction. The game is currently being made by 2 people and i'm very happy with what we have accomplished so far. With that being said, we still have a lot of work to do!
I'm posting footage in this early stage to get some good feedback to help shape the direction of the game before release. I'm a big believer in sharing inside info about our games so that we know what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong, so I'm encouraging comments/feedback!
Now, in case you want a TL;DR instead of watching the vid i'll outline the basic concept and features below:
Omega Extinction is:
-An Asymmetrical Multiplayer FPS
-2 Teams, Experiment (1 Player) and Humans (up to 4 players)
-Experiment can "Bridge"(turn invisible and see through walls) and "Disguise" (Take on the appearance of a human)
-Humans can use equipment to help defeat the experiment "Psyshield" (Removes disguises and blocks bridging), "Door Jammer" (Temporarily seals a door shut), "Target Spotter" (Highlights the experiment showing his location to all on the map) and "The Proximity Mine" (small explosive that deals damage when the experiment walks too close).
Thanks for reading, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@TwinVaultGames) for the latest updates!
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