Officially started development - Rise of Factions: Sparta
Published 4 years ago
Dev Log #01
So at the start of this week we pushed aside the game design documents and business plans and have officially started development on our first title - Rise of Factions: Sparta.
It has been a very busy month with getting the company up and running but the cogs have slowly been turning, we have already made great progress this week. 
Our title is low-poly stylised with a very unique texture palette. Here is a little peak at our low poly Spartan warriors. 
Our environment artist has been creating some low-poly rocks and trees for the area of ancient greece during the period of 400 BC. 
While the artist have been busy the programmer has been working behind the scens on a new combat system, after working out the right methods we got it working exactly how we wanted it however it does need alot of balancing for all 22 factions. 
Placeholders for individual soldiers.
There are animations in the works, this is purely to get the unit health and attack damage working correctly. The programmer will be incorperating a 'charge' system soon.  
We plan to have a in-house working build within 2 weeks with a working UI and lane system. 
Thank you for reading. 
Stay tuned for Dev log #02 next friday
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive