Office Set Up, Environmental Art & Unit Placement.
Published 2 years ago
Development Blog #03
(Above, Environment test without textures)
There’s been a lot of things happening over the past couple of weeks! There wasn’t a development blog last week due to getting everything set up in the office – you may have seen the pictures on our social media.
There was a bit of a building….
A lot of boxes…
In the end, however, we finally had some semblance of a workplace!
It was a good feeling to finally see everything come together in terms of our workplace and on that note – also the game itself. We’ve been working towards getting a build that is playable before the end of November and we’re definitely on target to hitting that.
We’re now able to actually spawn units into the game! For now, we’ve got some placeholder graphics and models in regards to the spawn indicator and models used but the general mechanics behind it have been completed. It’s very good progress and our programmer has been doing some fantastic work:
We’ve been making some massive strides with our 3D Art; our environmental artist has been hard at work churning out some trees & rocks – we think they look fantastic!
Finally, this is something else we’ve posted on social media so you may have caught it. If not, this is going to be used in the tutorial of the game, to guide the player on their first steps into the world of rise of factions.
A lot of exciting stuff has been going on and what we’re showing you is only half of what has actually happened!
If you want to support us while making Rise Of Factions: Sparta we are currently set up on Pateron, if you are able to put anything towards it would really help us out!
Well, that’s all we’ve got for this weeks development blog. We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up in the pipline, so please follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to be the first to see what we’ve got in store!
Thank you very much for reading!
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive