Next Step: a level editor for our Unity Game
Published 2 years ago
Make a tool for your game
After the Lucca Comics Festival, we started to develop a Level Editor for our Unity Game.
The previous version was built with every level made manually: such an hard work!
The Steampunk Adventure Level Editor is a work-in-progress and it makes possibile to make every single level with a visual interface (really a simple interface): and every level is saved in a JSON format.
In the "Unity3D" side, we've developed a script which loads the JSON level and instantiate the prefabs: this is useful to the create/test/fix pipeline for the new levels.
With this levels editor we can create a custom level (boss level or time level), place the enemies in the right place, show the path to the exit (to check if an exit still exists) and more: the c# script will manage the prefabs for us (managing collisions, enemies and events).
Here you can find a little video teaser of the work in progress. Any suggestions?
Stay tuned for updates.
Alessandro for the GameADES team