Newly Established Independent Company
Published 4 years ago
PolyInteractive GAMES
Dev Log. 0.1. - Welcome! 
We are a newly established Independent games company based in Liverpool who is focused on unique multi-genre games across numerous platforms and system software. The team is made up of 3 artist who are highly motivated and very determined with well rounded skills of 2D Design, 3D modelling (Low and High Poly) and rendering. 2 Programmers who have a lot of experience in Unity3D and Unreal Engine using Java and C++. Our aim is to create interactive experiences in which the player goes on an unforgettable journey. We focus on the gamer’s experience and we are willing to take more time to make a game than to rush out a half made game. 
As well as being highly motivated game developers we are all very passionate gamers at heart. We promise to always do our best and focus on the gamers. As gamers and developers, we promise to always ensure you are not getting drained of your money, we just want to make games so we can escape to amazing worlds and take on new personas and meet others alike.
At PolyInteractive Games, we promise to always now and forever to put gamers first no matter what. Together we will create new worlds, explore them, learn from them and create friends along the way in order to accomplish our quest.
The team:
Alex Curtis - Creative Director: A first degree in BA game art with Honours from University of Chester after leaving the British army to pursue his dreams of being a game developer. He specialises in 3D modelling (Low and High -poly) and characters modelling.
Kieran Kehoe - Game Director: 2D Artist, Company Director, Games Design Degree and the Game Designer.
Kevin Pacheco - head software engineer: Game Programmer, Company Director and has a Computer Science Degree.
Daniel Turner -  Art Director: 2D/3D Artist, Graphic designer and has a Games Design Degree.
Steven Golding - Project Manager: Programmer
We also have a freelance audio artist called Joe Barlow who is part of Animus Productions.
  1. Our aim is to create interactive experiences in which the player goes on an unforgettable journey. We as a team will use our collective skills to create multi-platform videogames and computer/system software for entertainment and productivity for a consumer base.
  2. Our main business mission is to create content/ media and software that will be loved by a consumer fan base, in which consumers will purchase our products because they love what we stand for and what we create.  
Our first official title announcement!
Rise of Factions: Sparta
Rise of Factions:Sparta is the first of our saga, It is a simplified RTS mobile game with a low-poly style and unique pottery texture palette. 
The game’s story will be depicted across ancient Greek pottery as most stories of those times were told. You as the player will decide the fate of the Spartan empire placing troops in a 3 lane battlefield with the aim to take over all the capture points. 
Implementing AR (Augmented Reality) technology to its fullest.
We're live on Patreon. If you wish to support our dream, you can with as little as 1$ (79p) per month with rewards from us.
We are massively grateful for any support given! and will keep everyone updated on our latest title, with weekly updates showing you that your money is well invested.
See you next week for gameplay features update.
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive