New blog: Made with Unity
Published 4 years ago
We're moving our devblog to MwU
Welcome to our new blog on the Made With Unity website. We’ve migrated from our tumblr as we think MWU is a much better place to host our devblog. Check out the old tumblr posts if you’re interested in our history - it’s where we wrote about our first game, Toadal War: Top of the Hops.
We announced our brand new game, Super Block Party, on our twitter channel a few weeks ago. It’s an up-to-8-player local multiplayer game. We call it an un-cooperative platformer, players must travel through platforming levels whilst trying not to be shoved into spikes, pits, lazers, or a variety of traps by their competitors.
When players die, they drop their coins. Other players can pick them up, and the winner is the player with the most coins - or the last one to survive!
It’s currently in development, so we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest news by means of this dev blog. Until we’re ready to show more, here’s some screenshots to look at!
Joel Herber