Nefarious Dimensions Launches Asteroids Mining Operations
Updated 2 years ago
Planetary Prospectors:A.R.M. Humble beginnings with an Ambious future
When we originally began concepting the game that would eventually become Planetary Prospectors: A.R.M., we were focused on prototyping a crane puzzler for iOS. After many iterations we settled on a more simplistic side-scrolling puzzle game featuring an electromagnetic crane. It was eventually shelved when we couldn’t find a good meeting place between gameplay and art direction.
As we moved on in development and fleshed out our ideas, we took inspiration from works of fiction such as Ender's Game, Dune, 2001: A Space Odyssey and films like Aliens, Prometheus, and Interstellar to name a few. We also took some subtle inspiration form "Snow White."
From the ashes of the original simple crane experience spawned a much more ambitious Real-time Strategy game called A.R.M. inspired by Planetary Annihilation, Space Engineers and No Man's Sky. However, due to limited resources and a small 3 person development team, our initial vision of a Multiplayer RTS was put aside to focus on only one core element we found to have a lot of potential: space mining. By focusing on this core gameplay mechanic, we hoped to release a great space-based game without the resources and funding necessary to compete in the contested space combat genre. So, our 3rd-person arcade-style asteroid mining game with voxel-based destruction was born.
Gameplay and Graphics for PP:A.R.M. were visually inspired from Aliens: Isolation, Star Citizen and the Dead Space Series. Our hope is to build up a sense of wonder and suspense. In order to create a mind-bending psychological horror experience, a suspension of disbelief is necessary. Along with dark and moody visuals, we are utilizing various immersion techniques that will eventually reveal various malevolent and benevolent forces at play. The non-linear narrative is designed to provide the flexibility to evolve into a community driven multiverse that mixes alternate plotlines made possible by mechanics like time-travel.
Clinton Bowman is the CCO and Founder of Nefarious Dimensions, he has over +17 years of industry experience working for EA, Ubisoft, Disney and THQ. The crew is also made of a team of PhD's in various fields, some unannounced industry veterans working aboard the USS Nefarious.