My Inspiration
Published 4 years ago
We all start from somewhere. A game always comes from an idea. Developing a complete game is not always easy. There are up and downs. Tutorials to read, codes to write, a game to test, an error to seriously troubleshoot and a game to play.
Without a role model it is hard to achieve this. I used to play simple games on my Dads mobile every time I had access to it. This made me like games and at times competed with him.  All this time I didn’t know that behind every game there I a dedicated programmer to make it work.
I would see my dad work on his laptop and never had idea what he was doing. He would ask me to play and test his games.
One day he left his laptop and I decided to check on what he was doing. I was shocked to see the lines of code and thought if this is what it takes one to create a game, then some of us must be crazy enough. How do you tell what all this code was all about? To me it looked like ABCD…….
I decided to ask him a few questions on programming. I was determined to be like my Dad. I started learning the usual C++ hello world programming which was too boring to even understand what it was all about. My Dad kept insisting that for me to create any game, the Hello world code had to make sense in me.
I decided to do research and understand why this hello world program is so common in any programming course. Little did I know that it was designed to make it easier to understand object oriented programming!
The more he taught me about the hello world, the more I got interested in programming. This marked my beginning in the gaming world.
Next was to move from more boring C++ code to some visual coding. Unity became my friend. It was easy to navigate through the GUI and writing code was as straight as ABCD…
I did my first game The little Buggy Man available on android phones – links:  playstore,  facebook mobile, facebook , madewithunity. The game gave me motivation to even do more, check at angelit.
Came in my second game: shoot and kill. Simple game: available on android phones – links:  playstore, facebook mobile, facebook , madewithunity.
Followed by  my third  game: The heavy weight runner available on android phones – links:  playstore,   facebook mobile, facebook , madewithunity.
 I have not given up: my next game: sporty driver coming soon.