My biggest mistake and a question
Finally i was able tot make things done from start to end
For beginners as I am.
I am a single developer and this is my first accomplished game. Before that, i tried to make a randomly generated platformer and several different games for approximately 5 years, I studied programming and Unity engine as a hobbyist and creating some tools instead of making simple games - that is my BIGGEST mistake.
Do not try to make a difficult game of your dream that will take your whole life, because you just do not have enough experience.
After recognizing that thing  I have decided to finally create something FINISHED. That is how this game was born.
History of game
One day I have been going to my new job, and I have seen a girl playing the game there you need to connect colorful dots with links. I thought back then such an easy game to made, I can do it very fast and I decided to start development. But going forward, it took me almost 4.5 months to create and publish the fully completed game.
I want to warn you, developers, sometimes that seems to be very easy is very hard and time-consuming.
Timeline (calendar time)
  1. Main engine and gameplay decisions ~ 1 month
  2. Pathfinding ~ 1 week
  3. UI unique sections ~ 1 week
  4. Integrating google play services ~ 1.5 week
  5. Drawing game levels in notepad ~ 1 month
  6. Making levels in editor ~ 2 weeks
  7. Integrating ads ~2 days
  8. Publishing ~ 4 days
Analise the time I have come to conclusion. Integrating google play games services(and so many other things that I have tried to do) was unnecessary for the first game release.
My problem 
I still have that thing then you want to do more things than you should do. I am trying to use generic way of doing everything instead of individual approach, to complete a task with different methods and find the BEST SINGLE GENERAL solution for many cases (only to realize there can not be one general solution for complex things). And this constant iteration of searching BEST METHOD in conjunction with huge FREEDOM of tools available is KILLING the whole developments process of creation a game and make me sometimes feel frustrated.
If I have not had that problem I could make this game at least 2 times faster.
If you guys have the similar problem or know the cure from it please write it.
P. S. I wish everyone to not make mistakes which I do.