MWU Developer Story Contest Finalists
Updated 3 years ago
Well This Wasn’t Easy
Last month we announced a three week contest awarding 10 contributors a pass to Unite LA.  The outcome was amazing!  We were overwhelmed with incredible posts about art, game design, characters, and even stories on how to write for games.  
Needless to say, selecting 10 stories wasn’t easy.  There were so many good submissions!  If you weren’t selected, please don’t take it as negative criticism, far far from it.  You’ve written incredible stories that we’ll be highlighting over the next few weeks whether you've been selected or not and we sincerely thank you for sharing them.
So without further delay….
Here are the 10 finalists for the Developer Story Contest:
  • Candle: The Adventure of Creating and Adventure
  • by Jose A. Gutierrez, Teku Studios
  • Gladiabots Inception
  • by GFX47
  • How a Passion For Shaders Turned Into a Music Video
  • by Shaderboy
  • How Unity and Ink Are Helping Us Build a Narrative Game
  • by Ludipe, AlPixel Games
  • From Floating Ideas to Floating Islands
  • by Arthur Chin, Treasure Hunt Studios
  • Rococo VR:  An Art Love Story
  • by Thais Weiller, Blackriver Studios
  • Project Buds.Devlog 2:  Shaders are Cool
  • by Ricardo Toureiro
  • Brainstorming in 5 Easy Steps
  • by Andreea Vaduva, Sand Sailor Studios
  • The Art of CHKN
  • by Kate Howley, Katapult
  • Basketball Meets Virtual Reality
  • by Stacey Haffner, What Up Games
Thank you again to everyone who participated!  We look forward to seeing new updates on what you’re working on and giving everyone an inside look of what went or is going into your project.
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