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Published 5 years ago
How Unity Ads became visions of parallel universes
If you decide to use Unity Ads in your game, you have to integrate it. Technically. And it's very simple, thanks to Unity. One can easily implement it and move on, but wouldn't it be nice to make the whole process of getting the ads and even ads content itself, not to mention getting rewards, fit into a game's setting? I will tell you, how I did this in my iOS game "Mobs & Potions".
When I started to develop this part of the game, I was considering these points:
  • It has to be rewarded ads and, of course, only a player may run it to get a reward.
  • This opportunity has to be associated with a player's actions in the game instead of being constantly sitting on some screen.
The first point is the simplest one. As for the second, I have to explain, what my game is in a nutshell.
My idea was to take rich setting and gameplay experience of Action/RPG genre and depict it in a form of a casual mobile timekiller. In the shortest way M&P gameplay could be described as "TO PICK or NOT to pick?". Familiar entities of the genre, such as, well, mobs, potions, chests, scrolls, coins and more appear as funny cards in an endless stack, which represents your instant fantasy adventure. A player can swipe left to pick an object or swipe right in other cases, for example, to attack a mob. There's no third option.
So, that player's action, which would give him a possibility to watch a short ad and get a bonus, could be the right choice made on some card. This card has to represent some object that can be used to watch something... I came up with additional points:
  • Watching ads must be arranged as using some object
  • Getting rewards must be arranged as a result of using that object
  • No straight "Get X coins" blocks
So, "watching". Some object one can take a look into and see something. And it must be something in the fantasy setting... Ah, of course! A Crystal Ball! And ads would be visions in the Crystal Ball! Great!
Now, visions of what? Visions of the future? Or, maybe, visions of parallel universes? Both are fine. Let it be visions of parallel universes because what else could another games on the ads be in relation to my game if not parallel universes? So I put a little description that says:
Scientists use crystal balls to observe events in parallel universes.
If a player has collected the Crystal Ball, he can "use" it in the end of game.
When a player has chosen a bonus, a reward card appears as well as a little description. For example:
On your last breath, you dropped the crystal ball. Its base shattered, and coins spilled out – it was someone's hiding place.
Variety of rewards is another thing I made. Player may not need coins, but often there will be moments when he was almost set a new highscore, so there are Second Life and Score Bonus rewards. I also made all rewards growing their values with consequent uses.
If a player don't want anything, he can just sell the Crystal Ball and still get some coins. And if a player completely against ads in games he will not even see a single "Get X coins" message and will not fall off game's world! Perfect!
Think about it for a second. I not only got the best way to monetise my game, but also I got a regularly updated video content! How cool is that?
That's it. Thank you!
Sergei Kvetkin