Published 3 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
In previous updates, we have revealed a few exclusive features for Legrand Legacy, such as Tactical War and the Headquarters system. However, those of you who have been playing JRPG for a while have probably experienced a mini-game or two during your adventure. All the best RPG we have played have a mini-game or two, and Legrand Legacy is not the exception. After all, Finn and the gang might need some distractions to keep them entertained during their quest!
There are a few fun mini-games that we are currently working on as we plan Legrand Legacy, including things such as fencing, archery, and fishing, to name a few. During your time with these mini-games, you’ll earn points and said points can be later exchanged for legendary items or achievements. You can also revisit these games and try to beat your own high scores! Please note that the mini games are still work-in-progress, so we’ll be showing you one of them today!
Here’s a sneak peek of how the fencing mini-game will probably look in the game.
What are some of your favorite mini-games from the JRPG you’ve played? What do you think of the mini-game we’ve shown you for Legrand Legacy? Let us know in the comments below!
Legrand Legacy