Meet Finn & Aria
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome to a new Kickstarter update for Legrand Legacy! Today we’d like to introduce you to two of the game's main characters: Finn and Aria!
If you have tried our Pre-Alpha Prologue you’ll certainly recognize this blue-haired gentleman - he is always getting into all sorts of trouble! But, who can blame him? He wakes up without any recollection of his past and is suddenly thrown into Jubla Arena in Tel Harran, the City of Slavers, to fight for his life. Strangely enough, he manages to summon mysterious powers and defeats the arena’s reigning champion!
His unexpected victory causes him to be tortured by his promoter's underlings. Luckily, he is helped by an old man named Geddo who makes it possible for him to escape the arena. The two eventually embark on a journey to help Finn regain his memory and trace back his past. In this road to self-discovery, Finn meets a few other characters, and one of them is Aria - she is the one who tells him about the ancient prophecy that threatens the very existence of their universe.
The original idea for Finn’s character draws inspiration from many sources. Can you spot them in his concept art below?
Aria is another character you probably have met in the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue. She is somewhat furtive as she refuses to reveal her true identity to her companions. However, her motive is clear – she wants to end the perennial war between the Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea once and for all. She has grown weary of the crime and slavery that have completely overtaken every nook and cranny of Legrand.
With the library books as her only source, she tries to learn more about Legrand’s dire situation... until one day she comes across an ancient prophecy that foretells the second coming of the Fir Bolgs, demonic creatures from another dimension who aim to conquer new territories and expand their supremacy at all costs. Now that they have a bigger threat at hand, Aria decides to embark on a journey to find the Beast of the Old World who will supposedly be the answer to all of Legrand’s troubles.
The image below shows the concept art of Aria.
 What do you think about these two characters? Have you played the Pre-Alpha Prologue? Let us know in the comments below!
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