Meet Barbaric Brute Gunther
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome to a new Kickstarter update for Legrand Legacy. We want to start today by once again thanking everyone who has been spreading the word about the project, pledging for the campaign and even raising their pledge to a tier with physical rewards! Because of all of you, we’re not over 60% funded! This is a huge milestone since we’re now less than 40% away from making Legrand Legacy a reality.
In the cinematic trailer for Legrand Legacy you might have spotted a few unfamiliar faces. Well, it’s now time to talk about one of those characters - Gunther!
Gunther is a huge muscular fellow with the strength of a hundred men – or so is said. However, there isn’t more to see beyond his bulging muscles - he really is the epitome of more brawn than brain.
Unsurprisingly, Gunther’s temperament and ego also match the size of his body. The soldiers who happen to work under his platoon have to endure his oppressive commandeering every single day. Gunther carries around a huge two-handed sword and wears full plate armor to battle – a loadout suited for someone of his stature.
Here is the 3D model for Gunther.
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