Meet Azzam & Scatia
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome to a new Kickstarter update for Legrand Legacy! We want to kick things off today by introducing to you the newest member of the Legrand Legacy team: Alexander Jayden Jonathan!
As you can imagine, his proud mom and dad are extremely happy about our new team member… and they're also not getting as much sleep as they used to!
In previous updates, you have met Finn, Aria, Eris, and Kael. Today, it is time for us to introduce you to Azzam and Scatia!
A reigning champion of the arena in the corrupt city of Ostia, Azzam is a relentless fighter who is peerless in strength. Nobody knows how or why he ended up in Ostia in the first place, but his sharp mind and quiet demeanor suggest that he didn’t always be a gladiator. 
His fighting style and personal code of conduct - never wounding his enemies more than necessary – have also caused quite a stir. When he finally escapes the clutches of the arena, he decides to follow the party to serve a noble cause – little by little he’ll regain what he lost in the past.
The image below shows the concept art of Azzam.
Not much is known about Scatia. No one understands how she ended up as the protector of the Dathi Tree in Finias, but people often call her “a century old witch.” When Finn’s group first meets Scatia she tries to chase them away from Finias… to no avail. Although she thinks very little of the rest of the group and hates having to teach them battle techniques, Scatia eventually grows to be very protective of them, almost like a mother who is protecting her children.
Her unique fighting skill is second to none. It is all thanks to her solitary confinement in Finias, and hundreds of years of learning how to kill. She has gone through moments of immense joy and intense sorrow, and this is how she’s grown into the audacious and domineering character she is today.
The image below shows the concept art of Scatia.
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