Medieval UI - The Great Whale Road
Published 5 years ago
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A New User Interface Design

Looking Back

We have made progress in a lot of areas in 2016 - across design, art and development - but the most visible is (not surprisingly) the new UI. We started last year with a textile design, utilising historical colours and patterns. 
The next step was to add more colours, but we were still quite conservative saturation wise.

The Options

While we were creating the first land scenes (settlements and combat maps) we realized that we needed to update the UI of The Great Whale Road in turn. We did a few sketches, some more minimalistic than others:


The dark UI of option three was our favourite, but we didn't want pop-ups and other UI elements to block out the respective scenes. This led us to the final design with transparent windows, which you can see below:
We continue to use historical patterns and we also replaced some of the straight lines for a more organic look & feel. Additionally we are adding illustrations to all the transition screens, which will follow the same design guidelines as the user interface.
  • About the game: The Great Whale Road is a medieval RPG with exploration, trading and crew management. Its combat is a hybrid design of turn-based tactis and cards, which allow the player to use cultural and class-based abilities. Players will trade and raid along the North Sea coast to supply their home settlement. The game is set in 650 AD and features historical kingdoms and cultures of the period including Northumbrians, Danes and Picts. Coming to Steam Early Access in Q2 2016.
​You can find the MWU Game Profile of The Great Whale Road here.
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