Making Stuff is Fun
Published 4 years ago
...and so is making a tool to make even more stuff!
Glimmerjam is a non-game jewelry design tool. 'Non-game' and 'tool' may not sound like much fun, but creating beautiful things is! Take a moment to check out this work-in-progress video that shows a few  designs created with Glimmerjam along with the real necklaces made from the designs.
Yep, it's glitchy, has ugly monotonous placeholder art, the contrast is off and a thousand details still need work... and yet it is glorious. I love to make things, so putting together making jewelry with making apps to making jewelry with an app is amazing. It's always a little magical to start with an idea in your head and turn it into something real, and it's this magic that I hope to share via Glimmerjam.
We've only just begun to add a few test categories of components and there is still a ways to go with development, but I want to share this taste of possibility because it's just so cool to watch an idea come to life.
While Glimmerjam as a concept was inspired in part by my particular physical limitations at the time, now I'm even more excited to see what beautiful things other people make with it. I just can't wait to release this into the world and see what happens! :)
Janine Suvak