Making games is hard, going indie is even harder.
Published 5 years ago
Regardless of what others think, it is the passion that would make dreams into a reality.
Making games is hard, going indie is even harder.
Some will hunt for a job right after college, while others might boldly move to indie right away. For some graduates of Game Design and Development course at Singapore Polytechnic, they took a leap of faith. Just like every Singaporean's son, they enlisted into National Service (NS) after graduation in 2013. Despite being soldiers, they kept their passion for making games and decided to form a company after NS to develop mobile games.
That was how “Eutragon” was eventually formed in late 2015.
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Months were spent on planning, execution and administrative work. The process and workload were intensive for a young team of 6 graduates, as they have not made games for the past 2 years. It was a brand-new learning process of Game Production at an Industrial Level. Making a game involves a number of basic processes (Conceptualization, Game Design, Level Design, Art, Sound Design, Programming) and a few advanced and untrained aspects (Web Design, Marketing, Publication, Legal, Accounting) to bring the game to the market. The journey was rocky despite much planning. However, the team kept going as this was the path that they believed in.
For Eutragon's first project, there were 4 main guidelines which the team sailed towards:.
  • hard to master
  • various achievements, high score and unlockable
  • customise your game
  • reaching wider audience
These 4 elements were the essence of how "Swap" was shaped from the start. 
And eventually, everything fell into place and Eutragon released its debut game title, “Swap” on Google Play.
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Eutragon wanted to put the game to the test, and submitted "Swap" for Global Mobile App Summit & Awards 2016 held in Bangkok.
I guess hard work do pay off, as the game managed to take home the 1st Runner-up Prize.
Swap features two main characters, Butten and Squiggle, and their journey through space. The objective is to collect as many stars as possible while avoiding space obstacles. Tapping on either lane will make Squiggle & Butten swap positions. Tapping in the middle lane will combine them into Squibbit. The game play increases in speed as the game progresses. The inspiration came from the member’s love for animals, games which are free, and inspiration to make a simple mechanic unique in its own way.It’s as casual as a game can get, easy to play but hard to master.
Eutragon will be porting the game to other platforms as well as making our 2nd game title.
Below is the trailer of the mentioned game, Swap.
With just 1 project, Eutragon has learnt a quite a few important lessons on going Indie.
Below are 8 takeaways:
  1. Do not be afraid to chase your dreams.
  2. Planning is important, although things might never go as planned.
  3. Rome was not built in a day, same for a studio.
  4. Daily objects or events can be a game idea.
  5. The journey might be tough, but remember the passion at the start.
  6. Despite being Indie, go crazy in all aspects and try out new ideas.
  7. Join competitions, seminars and events to hone your skills
  8. Most importantly, have fun while making games!
Although we are a young group of indie developers, I hope this story has given you some inspirations to get started, or find back the lost inspirations.
Someday, I would look back at this story and be happy about it because this story was memorable.
Founder and Director: Tng Bing Rong
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