Making a new game genre - ArmaGallant
Published 2 years ago
Real Time Strategy vs Card Battles
Mixing Genres
ArmaGallant was conceptualized by 2 groups of gamers, Real Time Strategy (RTS) and Card Battle players. The studio always had conflict between what we aim to create and what we could achieve. In the end we decided to try to do something innovative and different. Using Unity allowed us to design and prototype many gameplay ideas quickly. 
One of the key aspects of ArmaGallant happens out-game – building your core battle deck. It’s both a fun and rewarding experience as you explore, discover, and try out different decks for ArmaGallant’s real-time strategy battlefield. With over 80 units and spell cards to be unlocked at launch, prepare to immerse yourself in epic deck vs deck warfare.
Deck Building
A key decision will be choosing which of the Five Elements you’d like to focus on. Each element has its own strengths and play styles – you’ll have to see which best suits your strategies on the battlefield. Focus on one Element to better synergize your deck, or expand your collection for more flexibility. Build and play the game your way.
The next thing to consider is the unit to spell ratio of your battle deck. In ArmaGallant, spells can be used in either defensive or offensive plays. Be on the lookout for unit and spell cards that work well together.
Real Time Strategy Decisions
An example is that the "Naga” unit has a passive ability which gives it a speed boost whenever a spell card is played. 
Finally, to build a quality battle deck, you’d want to expand your ArmaGallant card collection. You’ll be able to unlock new cards with each level by playing more matches. 
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