Made with Unity on HTC Vive
Updated 2 years ago
Let the VR onslaught continue...
In case you didn't hear, HTC Vive has been unleashed on the world and there's a boatload of games to play to go along with it. Well over half of those are Made with Unity. We're counting 36 full releases with another 11 in Early Access! Those of you lucky enough to have a Vive have plenty to keep you busy enough to forget the real world even exists! Who needs it anyway?
Made with Unity HTC Vive Titles

'n Verlore Verstand by Skobbejak Games

#SelfieTennis by VRUnicorns

Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games by Turbo Button

A Legend of Luca by Legend Studio

Apollo 11 VR Experience by Immersive VR Education

Audioshield by Dylan Filterer

Blarp! by Isaac Cohen

Bowslinger: Virtual Reality Archery by Pompaduo

Carpe Lucem: Sieze the Light by Hammer Labs

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf by Futuretown

Crystal Rift by Psytec Games

Euclidean by Alpha Wave Entertainment

Fantastic Contraption by Northway Games and Radial Games

Felt Tip Circus by Alpha Wave Entertainment

Final Approach by Phaser Lock

Holopoint by Alzan Studios

Hover Junkers by Stress Level Zero

InCell VR by Nival

InMind VR by Nival

Jeeboman by Futuretown

Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs

Marble Mountain by Lightning Rock

Proton Pulse by ZeroTransform

Radial-G by Tammeka

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle by Handmade Game

Ruckus Ridge by ForeignVR

Skeet: VR Target Shooting by Flatbox Studios

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic by Bossa Studios

The Gallery: Episode 1 - Call of the Starseed by Cloudhead Games

The Visitor by Nostalgic Bear VR

theBlu VR by WEVR

Unseen Diplomacy by Triangular Pixels

Vanishing Realms by Indimo Labs

VR Baseball - Home Run Derby by

Water Bears VR by Schell Games

Windlands by Psytec Games LTD

In Early Access

Beach Ball Valley by Paul Eckhardt

Babel Tower of the Gods by Ruce

Holodance VR by Narayana Games

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades by RUST LTD

Modbox by Alientrap

Pierhead Arcade by Mechabit

Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions

Toy Plane Heroes by Oasis VR

Universe Sandbox 2 by Giant Army

World of Diving by Vertigo Games

XLR by Metaware Limited

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