Made with Unity @ GDC
Updated 2 years ago
Here's our lineup at the GDC expo
The Made with Unity team... well actually... Dan Adams, our Content and Curation Manager, has been hard at work these past several weeks building up our own GDC showcase and we couldn't be more pleased with the lineup.  We wish we could fit even more in the booth but there's the pesky space limitation.  Fear not though, we'll have more showcase opportunities throughout the year for our development community and we'll have updates on that soon.
But back to the topic at hand.  Make sure to stop by our booth this week and talk with the devs showing off these amazing games!

Beacon by Monothetic

Budget Cuts by Neat Corporation

Burly Men at Sea by Brain&Brain

Iron Marines by Ironhide Game Studio

I Am Setsuna by Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix

Firewatch by Campo Santo

Little Acre by Pewter Games Studios

Master of Orion by NGD Studios/WG Labs/

Narcosis by Honor Code

Oxenfree by Night School Studio


Snowboarding The Fourth Phase by Roadhouse

Tactera by E McNiel

The Gift by SEGA/Marza Animation Planet

Umbrella Corps by Capcom

Wayward Sky by Uber Entertainment

Windup Knight 2 by Robot Invader

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