Made with Unity Developers win at the Apple Design Awards!
Updated 2 years ago
Congrats to Chameleon Run, INKS, and Lara Croft GO teams for much deserved recognition.
Each year Apple takes a look through the seemingly near infinite number of games and apps released on Mac and iOS devices during the year and hand picks some of the best and most innovative projects to recognize with their prestigious Apple Design Award. This year, all three of the games selected were Made with Unity!  If you haven’t already downloaded and played them, you are in the wrong and should fix your error immediately. Take a look at the games and why Apple says they were chosen!

Chameleon Run by Hyperbolic Magnetism

“Chameleon Run is a fast-paced auto runner with a colorful twist. With great Siri Remote integration on tvOS and Multi-touch on iOS, the gameplay is fast, highly responsive, and addictive. We loved this game's stunning visual presentation, beautiful graphics, and great visual effects. With a great soundtrack, fun sound effects, super intuitive and natural controls, and great performance Chameleon Run is a winner that’s hard to put down. Its unique twist on the platformer genre makes it sweetly challenging, and excellent re-playability and attention to detail make it clear that plenty of care and craft were put into the development and design of this game.”

INKS by State of Play

"INKS is a beautiful game with a twist on the classic pinball genre. As a ball is launched onto the table, it hits paint pockets that explode in splashes of colorful ink that spread and blend into each other. The compositions created are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. The mixing and blending effects of ink was heavily researched and replicated with custom shaders and Metal APIs. The team at State of Play Games did much of the artistry and conceptualization of INKS on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The feel of the flippers and bumpers, the use of habitrails and drop targets, and great retro sound effects give the game authenticity. INKS shows that with enough thought and attention to detail, an existing genre can be reimagined to create something beautiful and unique. INKS is fresh and unique, available in five languages."

Lara Croft GO by Square Enix Montreal

“Lara Croft GO is a turn-based puzzle adventure set in the ruins of an ancient civilization. It captures the spirit of this classic franchise and reimagines it into a fresh, great looking, and innovative new adventure game. This simple but addictive turn-based logic puzzle was designed to be quickly learned but difficult to master.
With beautiful attention to detail paid to the characters and the environment, Lara Croft Go takes advantage of Metal to render its captivating environment, was redesigned for the Multi-touch experience, supports Game Center and iCloud for syncing progress, and provides highly responsive game play.”


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