Lucia – The Cynical Beauty
Published 3 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Happy Monday, everyone! For today's update we've decided to bring the spotlight over a new character: the striking royal, Lucia. 
Lucia is beautiful, brainy, and charming. She exudes old world glamour and oozes elegance, making good on what one would expect from a member of the royal family. As the dutiful High Chancellor, she’s also very proud and extremely protective of the heritage of her people, the Ao Si race. Sadly, it is this very passion that leads her to become firmly skeptical of the future of Legrand. Because of this, Lucia has chosen not to take sides in the ongoing war between the Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea.
She also has powerful magic affinity and it is rumored that she has cast a magical mist to shield the township of the Ao Si so that outsiders cannot easily discover it. Lucia prefers to stay within the confine of her hometown, which is why she and the rest of the Ao Si rarely make an appearance to the outside world.
Here’s the 3D model for Lucia:
What do you think of Lucia? Do let us know in the comments below!
Legrand Legacy
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