Live Action Video Game
Published 4 years ago
Heroes Must Die, a theatrical show set in the world of video games, premiers - including live stream
The Heroes Must Die live-action video game stage show premiers today. 
If you're not in Texas, it's ok - you can watch the livestream Friday, April 15th at 8pm CST here:
And if you miss it, let us know, so we can try to bring it to a theater in your town!
Watch the trailer here.
And enjoy some preview images. We really worked hard to bring the world of video games to life, including:
  • Costume designes based on the game - The character costumes are modeled directly on the game art, including armor and giant swords!
  • Audience Interactive - The audience controls the show at key points with game-like interactions that change scenes!
  • Platformer - A massive, death-defying platformer set for the actors to brave!
  • Sequel to the game - This directly follows the story of the Heroes Must Die video game, built in Unity and available from the website now.
Hope you can enjoy, and play the game!
Rick Stemm
Game Writer/Designer/Producer - Educator