It's Alive!
Published 4 years ago
DIVR Labs presents Blue Effect VR
DIVR Labs is a young Virtual Reality startup based in the heart of Europe, Prague. What we lack in size we make up in passion, quirkiness, and a drive to create great VR experiences. We want to create experiences that fully immerse and that push this emerging industry forward.  
Our first VR experience, Blue Effect throws the player into a forgotten sci-fi world where he is forced to fight for survival in the darkness, against malicious biomechanical creatures. Given just a laser pistol and light orb; the player has to light his way and if have what it takes, conquer the darkest fears. Built with Unity, this VR equally challenges and scares the player.
While creating Blue Effect we have been motivated by fear! Fear is a powerful emotion and when done right, through VR, can be a powerful way to create immersive experiences. And let’s face it, we enjoy scaring our audience. Even more so, at the heart of our team is a group of nerds who share a love for good sci-fi and horror movies
The most interesting feature of our game would be the light orb. The light orb remains to be one of the coolest things in the game. This orb is placed in your left hand and lights up the dark levels in the game. It works by tossing the orb, much like basketball or baseball. Even cooler,  you can toss and shoot the orb causing it to explode, temporarily illuminating a large area. The physics of this orb makes it super realistic adding another detail to this immersive experience.
All in all, we would like to know the opinions of our players. Because we have created the game for them! 
We hope you would support our latest creation and give us your feedback! It is essential for us.
Thank you,
DIVR Labs Team
Milena Koljensic