Introducing: Fall Up Extreme
Published 3 years ago
It was a long road to release
Allegiant Studios is proud to announce the release of our first game, Fall Up Extreme. This is an arcade-style falling game and is currently available for Android on the Google Play store.
In Fall Up Extreme, you control a ball which falls up. You must navigate around obstacles and avoid getting pushed to the bottom by tilting your device back and forth. Based on the classic Ti-83 game, this game adds increasingly tough block types, special abilities, pickups, and more. This is the most intense falling game ever made!
Allegiant Studios is a new indie game developer. While we have ambitions for bigger games, we decided to smart small and create a simple mobile game. We started with minimal programming skills and have come a long way since the beginning. The game has gone through many iterations to get to this point. Even with this small of a game, we were truly astonished with the amount of work required to create it.
We made Fall Up Extreme using the free version of Unity. Overall, we found this to be incredibly easy to use and learn. If the Android release is successful, we plan to release an iOS version soon after. Unity’s cross-platform compatibility was a major reason we chose to use the software.
We appreciate any feedback on the game and will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you in advance for your support and feedback!
Mark Magas