Integrating Steam into your Unity Project
Published 3 years ago
Welcome to Part One.
After successfully getting ARENA 3D through Steam Greenlight in just 11 days in February of this year, it opened up a huge set of doors into the world of Steam.
The integration with Steam has been as important to me as much as Unity itself and is one of the supporting foundations of my project.
I'll let you take a look at my Video Tutorial below. This is my first video, so please expect mumbling and the phrases "ummmm" and "errrr" regularly. This is Part One and covers the basics of integrating and initializing the Steam API within your Unity Project and recreates a small part of the ARENA main menu. It also serves a little showcase for the new Replay Feature which I have developed for ARENA, which I'll be covering in another part.
I have struggled to find specific help with the Steam API, let alone the integration into Unity, so I hope that I can reach out and help a few developers along the way with my series of video tutorials.
A vital link you are going to want before you watch the video, is to a brilliant c# wrapper for the Steam API created by Riley Labrecque and is 100% compatible with all of the API functions. -- Steamworks .NET
Mike Bushell
Lone Independent Game Developer - Programmer