I released my first game :)
Published 5 years ago
A story on why I decided to make Bomp
Hey there, :)
If you haven't figured this out by now, I am really into video games. I’ve been playing them as long as I can remember, and this little hobby had a profound impact on my life.
I remember when I was a kid in school I used to sketch up and invent weird puzzles, and ask my classmates to play them. When I finished high school at 16 I taught myself how to program Java, so I may understand how people crafted games. And based on this I majored in ‘Software Engineering’ with the same goal in mind.
There are other examples that I won’t bore you with. Some might call this an obsession, I prefer to call it a passion.
…And then abruptly I stopped pursuing game development and playing games altogether.
This created an empty hole in my soul and caused a lot of conflicts inside of me. It wasn’t intentional. It happened soon after I graduated from college. I was so caught up in the moment and had so little time, that one day I realized that it been months since I last played anything.
I had to fix this and refill that void inside of me. So earlier this year I set out to learn Unity and publish my own games. And surely enough after about 5 months, I released my first game Bomp to Android and iOS.
It was an exhilarating ride. Weekends flew by while I stayed up late at night coding till the early hours of the morning. And the rush of creating and seeing my vision manifesting and evolving was indescribable.
I still roll with euphoria each time I read a good review of my game, and from the feedback I get from my peers, friends, and family.
Note that Bomp is in no way perfect, and I will be polishing it with regular updates while I work on my second game. Still, I am greatly satisfied with how it turned out.
Anyways, I am just writing this quick post to explain my sudden disappearance and to show you guys the fruits of my labor.
I’ll try to post an in-depth retrospective on this project and share my whole experience. Until then why not give Bomp (Android and iOS) a try, and tell me what you think about it in the comment section below. :)
Love ya faces.
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