HYPERNOVA: Where it came from?
Published a year ago
A long time ago, a small group of brave people started a journey to a distant world never seen before.
Well... it all started in 2014. At that time we were involved in the development of several PC/Mac titles for different publishers but none of them was going in the direction we would like to. Most of the games we did were from the genre of simulation or management/economy, but we all have a background in first/third person action/adventure game development (PC,XBOX,PS). We were looking for a challenge, something new and exciting and something that we would enjoy to do, so we started to play with the idea of creating our own IP and make a little game out of it.
Enemy concept.
ActaLogic is not a big game developer, so we were planning to make a little project that will be suitable for our team size and could be developed in a “financially” bearable timeframe (11-18 months). We came up with the idea about a game that combines classic RTS elements with a “less complicated and more flexible” tower-defense gameplay part. Real-time strategy games are something that we really like to play and to do - at least most of us :) At the time we named the game just “Escape”.
From the first sketches...
We started with the GDD (game design document) in the beginning of 2015 and with the initial prototyping sometime in October of the same year. We could allocate only one programmer and one artist to this project, working alone for almost 6 months. After that period, other team members started to join, one by one. When we finally completed all other projects, around September 2016, we switched the entire team to the HYPERNOVA project, still working on it until today. 1 month before launch!
... to final concepts
HYPERNOVA: Escape from Hadea” is basically an open-world single-player RTS, with all classic RTS elements, like resource management, technology research, buildings, colony expansion and exploration. Of course, we cannot call it a strategy game without conflicts and battles with your enemies. However, instead of dealing with classic incompatibility issues with your neighbors we decided to take a different approach. You - against the Planet.(It’s actually a moon but it does not change the concept:) You are going to fight wild creatures that are living on that moon for ages. They are not an intelligent race but very protective and fearless, not too keen about new visitors (YOU!). On top of that you will have to fight the environment: a corrosive fog, volcanos, floods and meteors.
The very first game concept art
To defend yourself from all those nasty creatures you will have to build a tower defense system that can automatically eliminate endless waves of hairy beasts, ready to chew your face off at any time.
The point of the game is to save an alien civilization (the Scynthians) from extinction by evacuating them to another galaxy before their star Naidira goes Hypernova! The game has 4 main goals that you must achieve in order to complete the mission:
  • Grow your population to 100.000 souls
  • Build a Stellar Bridge
  • Find and collect special minerals that will power the stellar bridge
  • Activate the Stellar Bridge and allow the Scynthians to teleport into another galaxy
The final look.
That's it for now. Thank you for reading, cheers!
- Simon.
CEO - Executive