Published 5 years ago
Husband, father of three and making a PC game
Hyperbot is a top-down shoot 'em up arcade game developed by Pixel Interaction Studios. The objective of Hyperbot is to score as many points as possible by destroying microbot-like enemies. The player controls a robot named 5. Enemies spawn in waves then begin moving towards the player to intercept and destroy. Every few waves a new enemy class is introduced that is more menacing than the one before. Battle your way through waves upon waves of enemies, collect power-ups and unlock new stages.
Developing Hyperbot I have to honestly say has been a tremendous blast. The Unity engine allowed me the freedom to iterate and build at super fast speeds. No other game engine comes close to how fluid game development should be.
Hyperbot, formerly Hyperwaves, was in development for 11 months. I took a long break to work on some other smaller prototypes for Google Cardboard in preparation for DayDream. I learned a long time ago, It is good to step away some time to prevent getting burned out and losing interest. When you are an independent developer doing everything from modeling, coding, design, marketing, etc, you can quickly get overwhelmed. My only suggestion and professional advice are to manage your time well and work on smaller side projects to keep it fresh. Sometimes we lose sight of how the game is shaping up because we are so close to it.
Coming back to Hyperbot after a much-needed break gave me fresh perspective allowing me to take the games visual style into another direction. I was on the hunt for a more arcade feel. A lot of the UI was re-worked as a result and every level was redesigned to support the new look. Here are some new gameplay captures. Follow Hyperbot on YouTube or Flickr to stay up to date. 
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