Hunt Till Dawn
Published 2 years ago
A fast paced action platformer set in a world of darkness and horror...
Hunt Till Dawn is about a Hunter trying to fight the evil creatures of the darkness. He has his book "The Hunt Code", which reveals the wisdom from other Hunters, who tried but failed. Can you lead him to success? Or will you die trying too?
He has to master many different worlds, each with new and unforeseen challenges! In each level, he has to find a key and a gate to complete the level. There are portals to see the map, teleports to take shortcuts or escape the enemy and secret passages or multiple ways. And enemies, there are crazy amount of enemies and bosses. Some look harmless, yet they can be very tricky. Some appear suddenly behind you, while other come out of the earth. Some will follow you and there are even some creatures which can't be killed! Can you deal with them? 
This adventure will take you to a dark atmospheric world! Are ready to be the next Hunter? Do you want to find out what will happen if you succeed?