How it started...
Published 5 years ago
Hospital bed binge
"you should try downloading Unity"
5 little words that changed the course of my life. With an oxygen mask on my face and morphine coursing its way through my veins but providing little relief for the newly inserted screws that now hold my car crash shattered shoulder together I laid in hospital planning what direction to go with my life, deciding mobile app development may suit my talents I took to YouTube to see what tutorials were available.
"This tab is for game development, but If you want to do that, you should try downloading Unity" said the Xcode tutorial YouTuber, and that’s how it began, for the next few days I binge watched Unity Learn videos only stopping to let the nurses check my vitals.
Days later I made it home, ignoring the advice from my doctor to "stay on the sofa and watch TV" I downloaded Unity and got to work...
Sam Perrin