How do I think of the gameplay in King Of Orcs?
Published 2 years ago
How do I think of the gameplay in King Of Orcs?
Now playing in hand travel, it is difficult to find such an exciting 3D game!
I love action card game, hoping to set up his own team in the adventure, and manipulation of each player, but the game is not a role is up to 3, 3 is actually in one, the other 2 are AI automatically follow the battle, not really pain fast!
But this game is really instant! And can operate 5 roles! It is a team that is truly in its own hands, allowing itself to be used at the level and with a variety of skills! I remember clearly, before the checkpoint, facing BOSS only silk blood, was a nanny back to lead to his failure of depressed experience, then was thinking, why can't I have a way around, let me interrupt! And this is the game that surprises me!  Excitement! When I was also broke into the BOSS checkpoint, excellent archers in the back and output, BOSS output gradually bottomed out, the enemy a priest is tricky to hide behind BOSS is ready to give it with blood! Again! But now it's different! I immediately drag the archer sideways step, vacated angle, do not hesitate to click on the skills quickly drag multiple arrows fan-shaped attack range to cover the priest, an arrow volley hit the priest, interrupted his spell! It is at a crucial moment on the occasion, did not let BOSS back to the blood to succeed, kill, pass!
Wow, that's cool! For a long time not so fully and delightfully experience, the last is still playing the PC side of the World of Warcraft only. But this hand travel has done it! The various skills can play to the extreme, select the range of release their lineup collocation, when fighting, in the process of movement and arrangement skills, click, no is not filled with strategy choice, operation display and timing, it is the one and only game, so wonderful!
The core combat has been so wonderful, other place is impeccable, magnificent hero, exquisite bright BOSS, different style of great momentum in the grand epic level landscape, fortress, even more rare is the shaping of various small strange, very funny, it's story so many times I made to laugh out tears, especially the true voice, I really never heard in any game so personality distinctive monologue of the game ~ is really an interesting group of guys!
In short, such excellent production, coupled with its rich variety of gameplay activities, never dull endless challenges, is really a very interesting game, I hereby recommend to you sincerely!