Holy Flurdiaanum! Legrand Legacy Alpha Test was Epic!
Published 3 years ago
This is it! Our very first alpha test
Finally! Legrand Legacy Alpha Test was a success! We’re so glad to feel the enthusiasm of our Alpha Testers. Thank you so much for all the Alpha Test applicants (181! Well that’s a wonderful number for us), and congratulations to 40 lucky people who have been chosen as our Official Alpha Testers!
Our Alpha Testers come from different backgrounds, some of them lecturers, game developers, freelancers, students… amongst many others. Even though they come from various background, still, their curiosity of Legrand Legacy unites them.
We couldn’t forget their reaction, facial expression, and body language when they were exploring the world of Legrand. Fear, excitement, frustration (of the minor glitches… sorry :p) filled the game testing atmosphere. Experience is our main menu here.
Their excitement is a victory for us! After their engagement with the world of Legrand, they told us of their heroic quest to beat Klahmaran (the first story boss included in the test), as well as their surprise in seeing some of our gruesome creations. Nevertheless, they showered us with encouragements and kind words such as one from Mr. Lee Marvin from Agate Studio who said, “Legrand reminds me of the enjoyment of the old classic JRPG back in their era”.
Once again, thank you so much to all of you who took part in our first alpha test and we also want to thank everyone who showed interest in this Alpha Test but couldn’t join us yet. We realize that we still have a long journey to reach our goal. Reaching this milestone (alpha test) is a good indicator for us. And we are fired up to work even harder to get this game into all of your hands!
We’ll see you in the next updates! Stay tuned!
Legrand Legacy