Headquarters System
Published 3 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome to a new Kickstarter update! We want to start today's post by thanking everyone who has shared the campaign on social media. You've also been following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook, and because of this you've managed to reach not one but two new Social Media Bonus goal! Thanks to this, once Legrand Legacy is funded, we’ll be adding a new weapon upgrade recipe to the game and a fourth bonus song to the digital soundtrack! 
On top of this we've reached a very important milestone: Legrand Legacy is now 70% funded! There’s still four more days to go, so please continue to share the link to the Kickstarter with everyone you know so that we can make it to the main goal and beyond!
In the Pre-Alpha Prologue, you get a sneak preview of a lot of the fun things you can do in Legrand Legacy. You’ve explored towns, dangerous dungeons and enjoyed a sidequest or two. But there’s more to the game than what we’ve shown you so far, which is why we’re on Kickstarter to secure the funds needed to implement all the extra content into the game. One of the cool features we plan to add to Legrand Legacy to make it even better is the headquarters system! As always, please remember that the headquarters systems is currently work-in-progress, so the designs and screenshots below are not final.  
As your troops grow bigger, you might wonder “where do I keep all of them stationed?” The answer is simple: at your very own Dumville Castle! This is your base of operation and headquarters, and while there you’ll be able to talk to your allies and get to know them better. Behold, the majestic Dumville Castle!
There’s something very important that you should know. Dumville Castle is currently in ruins. War has ravaged most of the land, and your task is to rebuild this once majestic castle back to its former glory and then some!
During your journey, you will encounter a lot of potential allies that you can recruit for your cause. There are many things to fix in the castle, so you will need a group of very talented individuals, such as blacksmiths, builders, and shopkeepers, among others, to make it happen.
If you ask nicely enough, some of these allies will even set up shop in your headquarters and help you rebuild the castle. So explore away and don’t be shy to talk to everyone you meet! You’ll never know where these potential allies may be hiding.
As part of the Social Media Bonus Goals that you have unlocked, we will be adding new recruitable NPC to help you rebuild Dumville Castle!  
What do you think about the headquarters system? Are you looking forward to rebuilding your castle? Please let us know in the comment below! 
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