Gwenelle Forest – Lush, Beautiful... Yet Forbidden
Published 3 years ago
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The lush and beautiful Gwenelle Forest is home to the reclusive Aos Si, and the last remaining green area in all of Legrand. It has an enchanted yet forbidden aura about it, and rightfully so. Gwenelle Forest is relentlessly shielded by the powerful magic of the Aos Si, who refuse to let the effects of the Mugna Feud reach their sacred home. This is also probably why few people are aware of the exact location of the Aos Si’s township. 
Gwenelle Forest is home to plenty of fascinating flora and fauna specimen. You can rest assured that Finn and friends will have a lot of exciting things to look out for in this mesmerizing forest!
The Great War hundreds of years ago left its mark in Gwenelle in the form of ruined temples, destroyed buildings, as well as the remains of an ancient dragon.
The Aos Si
The Aos Si is a race of celestial elf-like creatures who used to live in peace all over Gwenelle. However, since the Great War has devastated most of their homes, they decided to travel to a deeper part of the forest and that’s where they have resided ever since - hidden and far away from the rest of the world.
This has been one of our most favorite areas to design, and we hope you like it too!
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