GLORY - Shot Design
Published 4 years ago
integrating 2D and 3D and boosting team moral
I got a little bit sidetracked since the last post about the ship designs (basically our team has had a meeting and I decided to change priorities in order to meet deadlines and release MVPs faster). Today, I am going to talk about loading screens (or basically shot designs, that`s what we are calling them). I did talk about the first one I did here ( First, let`s talk about the briefing. 
Our lead writer wrote some text to help the team envision the key moments that would be painted to better tell the game`s story. The one assigned to me was called Glory, and he described it as “an epic scene of a space background with Sanguine in the background looking badass and some of his fleet to symbolise his power. He should be in a pose that shows that he is on your side, but still powerful”. I already had a limitation for this image (actually, for all the shots): Halley Edlen, the main character, must have his presence implied and not shown directly since the player might choose any sex and race for his avatar. It was a decision we made as a team to enhance the player`s immersion. I decided to tackle this challenge using a 1st person camera angle in all images, that not only enhances experience by itself but also engages the player more in the story. I did that on the other shot, and I am doing it here.
The process began with thumb nailing the camera angle and arrangements of the main elements that would compose the scene. As seen below, you can see that I kept a small silhouette to symbolise Edlen. I did that before changing the camera angle altogether.
Then, I sent and image with the positioning of the ships I wanted in the scene to our 3D modeller, which provided me with a 3D render to paint on top of. This workflow not only diminishes the overall time needed to complete the painting but is also helpful in bonding with the other artist. He was working on a side project for the past week and going back to Ologon: Edlen`s Wrath and aiding me in doing something awesome really brought us together.
Above is how the image turned out. We were both really satisfied for working together!
Stay sharp,
Tamires Pará
Lead Concept Artist @ Young Mind Studio
Pedro Dalcin