Glasses-free and hands-free AR games
Updated 3 years ago
HoloLamp is the world’s first glasses-free portable AR device that creates optical 3D illusions directly on your environment.
Using HoloLamp, you can see 3D objects directly in your environment and control them with your hands. All of that without wearing or holding any equipment: no need for glasses, headset or tracker.
Lack of comfort with current AR systems
Current Augmented Reality (AR) solutions are based on glasses or smartphones/tablets, but these solutions are showing a lack of comfort and easiness. On the one hand, AR glasses place a screen very close to the user's eyes, which is very uncomfortable, and AR glasses reduce his field of view. On the other hand, AR solutions based on smartphones/tablets prevent the user from using his hands and make the user focus on a screen, not directly on his environment.
Spatial Augmented Reality
HoloLamp is a new spatial augmented reality device. The lamp is composed of a ultra short throw pico projector engine and some sensors. The sensors track the user’s head and map the environment. Then, HoloLamp warps the image to be projected in real-time to create an optical 3D illusion for the user's perspective. The user can also control the virtual 3D objects using his hands. In this way, HoloLamp creates natural interactions without any constraints on the user: he does not wear or hold any equipment, any marker.
New use cases
HoloLamp can be used for architecture, smart home, gaming, museums, education, avatar communication, sport broadcasting the art community and much more. The demos available already include a 3D visualization tool for architects and designers, a 3D virtual assistant connected to Cortana, and some games.
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