Gameplay and Social Media Bonus Goals
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Welcome! Good to have you join us for a new Legrand Legacy Kickstarter update! Before we get started with today's post we wanted to talk a bit about where we are in our Social Media Bonus Goals. What are Social Media Bonus Goals, you ask? These are extra bonus goals you can all helps us reach in order to improve Legrand Legacy to make it even better. 
You can help by following us on Twitter, liking our Facebook page or by becoming a backer of Legrand Legacy! So far you've all helped us to reach two Facebook bonus goals, one Twitter bonus goal and one Kickstarter bonus goal! You can see the goals you have reached as well as the ones you're currently helping us to reach by checking the images below.
So far, everyone pledging to Legrand Legacy will be getting a new and exclusive wallpaper, the game's soundtrack will now include a new bonus song, a new recruitable NPC will be added for you to use in the game's Headquarter System, and a new item will be included in the game! We'll reveal more Social Media Bonus Goals as you help us reach previous ones, so be sure to check the main page!
And now, we want to share with you a gameplay video that was recorded straight from Legrand Legacy’s Pre-Alpha Prologue. This video will give you an overview of the game mechanics - including exploration, turn-based combat with Quick Time Event (what we call ACT - Action Circle Tempo), the game’s story and conversation, menu customization, and in-game cinematic.
As we have mentioned before, the game is currently in a Pre-Alpha state, so the video does not reflect what the finished product will look like.
As a special bonus, this particular video is narrated personally by Legrand Legacy’s very own Executive Producer/Lead Game Designer, Uwil!
Don’t forget that if you still haven’t played the Pre-Alpha Prologue, you can do so by clicking the images below. One will take you to the Steam Pre-Alpha Prologue, while the other will allow you to try the DRM-Free version of the Pre-Alpha Prologue.
What do you think about the video? Do you know someone who would love to play Legrand Legacy? Then please share the video with them and link them to the Kicktarter page!
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