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Published 4 years ago
Career Shift
I always loved to create ,  designing games was one of my childhood escape to a quality world that has no limits , I always think of it as an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to game concepts & mechanics.
Last year I had a terrible time thinking that I have lost 7 years of my life as an accountant and that I should stop myself from only running to get money & start building a good pleasurable life instead.
I finally have the courage to search for an engine to work with as computers have a lot more to do than designing a board game.
Once I researched in that area Unity3D appeared in every place on the internet to the degree I was sure that it’s the thing I should immediately learn.
As most of people I was afraid from coding specially I had no idea about it till October 2015  but the good thing is that Unity official site is full of useful stuff and once you got on the track it’s very pleasurable!!
I am very happy now to announce that after 6 months from quitting my work as an accountant I am currently working in an advertising company (working on Augmented & virtual reality projects which is another part I was never expecting from learning that engine J now I have more than 50 Arcade game prototypes sketched on papers, 9 games main concept and mechanics made on unity and one has been published which called Ray Ball,,
All of my games focused to be very challenging and you have to spend more time to get used to the controls but once you start to get used to it you will feel much rewarded and you will want to play it more because of different aspects I put in the gameplay.
Finally I will be very happy if you checked the game and tell me what do you think :)
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