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Published 2 years ago
Its all about the fun of creating something new
Hey, my name is Michael and I am CEO and founder of Booster Space. Booster Space was founded in 2013 and is better known for running the #gamesweekberlin - an umbrella brand connecting 10 different events every April in one week in Berlin. My background is in media studies and academics. I worked for the public funding and city marketing organization, Medienboard, founded the Digital Games Research Center at the University of Potsdam, co-founded the A MAZE. festival and worked as a journalist in the past. Hence I connect people, mostly.
DUEL VR is my first game and I am really excited to be part of creating an actual product after running events and seminars for more than 10 years... 
Adam, the creative head and lead developer behind DUEL VR, and I met while he worked for the A MAZE. / Berlin festival in 2016. A MAZE. is part of #gamesweekberlin and we coordinated some exhibitors together. After the event, we met for a beer and bounced ideas from creating a VR Arcade to doing a space game. His idea of developing a duelling game in a Western setting for roomscale VR was so appealing, that we teamed up with Julian and started working on it.
My role since then is kind of being the producer, which means I mainly juggle with Excel sheets and organize the infrastructure for the team. First action was to apply for public funding at Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg  - the regional funding body for film, events and innovative digital content. Thanks to the bravery of Ina Göring who supported the idea from the beginning we got the funding and our first game, Duel VR, started taking shape.
Although we had originally planned to release the game as early access version as soon as possible, the many playtests and events we did convinved us to make the project a bit bigger than originally planned. So the release was postponed and we decided to use the buzz around #gamesweekberlin to exhibit at the Making Games Festival/Quo Vadis conference, network at A MAZE. / Berlin and press the button for the early access release at Gamefest am Computerspielemuseum.
Since our Early Access launch on Steam we got good and bad feedback. At the events the feedback by the players was mostly positive. But on the anonymous platform of Steam the feedback was more ambiguous. But in the end this is only a proof of that people care, right? So we continue working on the game and would be happy to hear your thoughts as well!
And perhaps we can battle it out in an online western duel... Have fun, game on!
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