First Internal build
Published 2 years ago
Dev Log #4
This week has been a very interesting and productive one. 
First of all, our studio here in Liverpool is coming along greatly and looks like an actual game developer studio. (So lots of cool gadgets and blue LEDs!) 
We confidently have all the equipment to make the best game possible for the consumer which of course is our main and top priority. 
So the main event this week was finally getting the whiteboards up in the studio! , no wait , sorry it was getting our first internal build for Rise of Factions: Sparta. 
On the 1st December Christmas came slightly early for us at polyinteractive games. Our lead programmer Adam Goss gave us our first build. 
naturally almost immediately after he had to give us a second build, then a third to fix little issues that we spotted, the joys of code. 
Seeing the first build really got us excited and helped everyone visualise the game more. and of course boosted our motivation. 
already we have started to work on the next build which will be our pre-alpha build, ready for testing on the 16th December. We will be looking for a handful of testers to play the build on multiple android devices (ios will be later, because apple, enough said)
We will hand out bug report and feedback forms also.
Aa always the artists and producers are doing there thing. We are all working overclocked to get the pre- alpha build ready for the select few. 
Please feel free to check out our facebook page, twitter and Instagram as we are very active on them. 
We have also created a twitch account in which we will be conducting our first live stream on Saturday 3rd at 7pm - 9pm. this will be a weekly occurrence for us times may differ from 6pm-8pm / 7pm - 9pm. we will be playing different games each week and also have a good chat about latest gaming news and of course our own development. 
We are also on Patreon,
We massively appreciate any and all support. 
Next month you will see us on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to help our company grow and get the equipment needed to make more amazing games like this one. 
In other news, did you see the new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer! :O 
And Death Stranded looks...... interesting to say the least. 
Alex Curtis
Creative Director - Executive