Finnias – Home of the Undead
Published 3 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
Finnias is a desolate swampland that used to be the thriving and prosperous hometown of the Norns. The Great War turned Finnias into a city of, ruins riddled with the wandering and vengeful spirits of the undead.
Few dare to visit Finnias as it is now… nothing but a mere pile of debris left in the middle of this dark and dangerous jungle - a sad remembrance of what was once the most advanced civilization in all of Legrand.
The Norns
If you have played the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha, then you probably remember that Geddo is a Norn who communicates via telepathy. In fact, all Norns are voiceless and can only communicate telepathically. 
Because of this, they memorized every event through images or ancient runes, which can be seen from the relics left behind amidst the ruins of this once flourishing settlement. 
 The Dathi Tree
The Dathi tree is a massive ancient tree that is one of the balancing pillars of the Legrand world. Needless to say, the tree is heavily protected by powerful magic as it is constantly under attack by mysterious dark forces who aspire to conquer Legrand… no matter the cost.
Don’t you think there’s something oddly beautiful about this dark, gloomy place?
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