Enso, not your average match 3 game
Published 4 years ago
Introducing the world to Enso
Enso is the newest game release from Planet of the Apps. It’s a puzzle game that has a completely original gameplay and was inspired by a regular day in the office.
The goal of the game is to match 3 or more of the same colored orbs in a row, but it’s more sophisticated than your average match 3 game. Equally important as the goal of the game, is the inspiration and creative process behind it.
In a shared workspace there aren’t many secrets. You know your colleague’s favorite Spotify playlist, what their favorite ‘break time’ game is and have a direct view of their computer seeing exactly what they’re working on. Yes, it sounds invasive but it also incubates creativity.
Alex, the lead game designer, had his ‘ah-ha’ moment when he looked up and saw his workmate, Dotan working on a new game submission and arranging screenshots in a particular order. Dotan wanted to rearrange the images but the platform he was working on didn’t permit him to unless he did it in a specific order. In that moment Enso was conceived.
At that moment, the team realized the potential  impact that this game could have. There was an ‘all hands on deck’ approach that Planet of the Apps adopted in order to bring this idea to life. Every team member, from every department, was encouraged to be part of the process of how to take this simple yet brilliant concept and turn it into a game that our community of users would love.
Finally, after months of hard work- blood, sweat and tears- we are thrilled to introduce Enso to the world!
Enso puts your matching and strategic skills to the test. Every move has to be carefully and critically mapped out. It’s brilliant, addictive and challenging. The brilliance of Enso is its simplicity. There is nothing excessive, everything is streamlined to perfection from the design to gameplay.
Games, much like life, are a series of goals, objectives and challenges that you need to figure out. There’s always a figurative wall that you need to jump over or a maze you need to navigate your way through. When it comes to game creation, it’s important to be able to draw inspiration from your environment and even seemingly mundane daily activities.
Enso and it’s creative process represents and combines the elements of life- challenges, decisions, fun times,  frustrations and hopefully triumph!
In life, some people run from challenges and others embrace them. Similarly, not everyone is built for the challenge of Enso, are you?
Download now to take the challenge: Android and iOS.
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