Dunabad - Bustling Coastal City
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
In the Pre-Alpha Prologue, we have taken you on tour to Tel Harran, the City of Slavers, and you have traveled through the treacherous Rahas Desert. However, there are many areas in Legrand that we have yet to show you. One of them is Dunabad Port, which is at the center of today's update!
Dunabad Port is the only seaport and point of entry to Eastern Legrand. Many sailors, merchants, and fishermen pass by this city each day to trade commodities with the Ahrimans. Needless to say, Dunabad is a lively city that is extremely vital for the region’s commerce. When you find yourself in this city, you better make sure to visit all the merchants to check out their wares - who knows what unique item you might get from them if you’re there at the right time!
The citizens of Dunabad have built their houses onto cliff sides, creating an architectural marvel and a majestic sight to behold. 
In fact, Dunabad Port is so fascinating that we have created a whole music score to capture the rambunctious feel of this bustling coastal city!
What type of trouble awaits Finn and his party at Dunabad? You’ll have to help us get to the goal for the Legrand Legacy Kickstarter so that we can complete the game! Don't forget to share Legrand Legacy with your friends and family, and do let us know what you think of today’s update in the comments below! 
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