Dorei – Fishermen Village
Published 4 years ago
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Dorei is an idyllic and serene fishermen's village located in Western Legrand. The area isn’t visited by a lot of traders or foreigners mainly because of its distance from the higher populated areas of Legrand. 
Locals must, therefore, fulfill their daily needs by fishing and hunting. In fact, it almost seems as if the effects of the Mugna Feud - the ongoing war between the Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea - have yet to reach the shores of this peaceful village!
The People of Dorei
The people of Dorei are mainly the Muiri tribe, a nautical clan of traditional seafarers who still hold true to their original roots and worships Lir as the One and Only Almighty. They are some of the kindest and most gentle souls in all of Legrand, which is why they have a very good relationship with the famously reclusive and cautious Ao Si.
The Houses
The locals live humbly in airy traditional houses made of light wood with dried grass on their walls. The sun can be blazing hot at times but the hay roof keeps the houses cool and comfortable. The Muiris are also skilled in painting beautifully patterned carpets – you can see some of their handiwork in the picture below.
We can’t wait to show you the kind of (mis)adventures Finn and his friends will encounter in Dorei! 
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