Do it with passion
Published 4 years ago
We develop videogames, we build our dreams
We believe in passion, and with passion we started to create our first "made with Unity" Android Videogame.
We've tried to put in this game the idea of pleasantness and aesthetics which every game should have.
  • It's simple enough to be played all curious players
  • Thers's a nice main character who uses many many weapons
  • The robots fly over the floor
Steampunk Adventure is a platform game, made with unity, running on Android Platform, in a steampunk world. Enter this world and find the stolen "light" from your city, destroy the robots and solve the maze.
You are the only one who can restore the Light in Edenlamp: fail and Edenlamp will be forgotten in darkness, succede and you will become the Hero!
Solve the mazes, find and follow the white rabbit! Don let the clock tick your defeat!
Save Edenlamp and discover our passion in this hand-drawn handheld masterpiece.