Do androids dream of digital history?
Published 4 years ago
Developing an indie game with an AAA team
We are a small indie team currently working on an "overtime" action adventure called Reverse: Time Collapse. The main concept was to bring a high-standard story telling (inspired by Philip K. Dick's Ubik), third-person action, innovative (over-time) puzzle solving, dialogs and stealth sections. Our inspirations were non other that Last Of Us, Assassing’s Creed, Monkey Island and Metal Gear Solid. The three characters (a scientist, a reporter and a secret agent) travel through time against their will after the Synchrotron accident in 2040. Preventing some events of human history will bring them back in their time. 
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We started from the plot, expanding the basic idea with some key events like the Roswell accident, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Twin Towers attack and Wikileaks. The engine we chose to develop this game is Unity 3D, as we were already familiar with it… we just needed to form a team! 
When you decide to make a game, an indie game in particular, you must choose wisely your fellowship. We started contacting some of the best artists in the videogame industry. We found ourselves talking with names that we read in the credits of videogames we played until death! We made them love our project so much that they accepted a lower budget than they usually accept from major names like Ubisoft, Naughty Dog etc.
We needed to visualize our ideas first, so artists started to sketch them. After some ideas exchanges and after some draft, they came up with this wonderful final result:
In this concept art, you can clearly see past and future combined together. On the left side, characters are in 2042, while on the right side year 2001 is depicted. While a lot of games nowadays tell about remote events, this game will be about recent events, even if tragic ones, but treated lightly with a sci-fi plot.
We wanted to make a game about recent events of our history
This future/past concept can be seen in game with the over-time gameplay
We developed a classic point-and-click puzzle solving mode but with the time variable. Puzzles need to be solved with the interaction of characters playing in different eras and combining actions in time frames you can advance in the game. An object hidden by a character will be found by another character playing 10 days after.
We made a trailer uploaded on Youtube to show what's under developmentIn Development Trailer (YoutTube Video)
The game is currently in the Steam Greenlight TOP 10, an outstanding result considering that the overall number is around 2,200 projects! We still have to start promoting the game, contacting influencers, reporters etc. but we already have a great response by the people! As we're writing, we're #10 with a great conversion rate and  a high "yes" percentage.
We'll soon do a Kickstarter campaign with the game, so subscribe to our newsletter on our official website to know when to back the project and HELP US! 
Rocco Paladino
Mr. - Designer