Developing Rocklien Run - A Journey
Published 2 years ago
A journey and a growing experience
Today marks a major milestone in my game development journey, the release of Rocklien Run on iOS. Coincidentally or perhaps by an act of destiny, I recently went through another major milestone just two weeks earlier. The birth of my son!
I wouldn't recommend trying to launch a game around the same time as your first born arrives into the world, but it's not exactly something you plan for. At least for me, it wasn't. We aimed to launch Rocklien Run before my sons birth, but as usual, delays occur in game development, and the timing ended up being pretty close! Regardless, its been fun!
Did I mention that Rocklien Run was developed by the team part time, whilst juggling full time work? Well thats what we did.
I started Rocklien Run development mid 2016. It spawned off the back of another failed project in which was my first step into creating a 3d game (having done a lot of 2d games previously), as well as my first game made in Unity. It was also the first time I teamed up with some professional artists.
We aimed to create an endless runner, but something with a bit more game feel and cognitive satisfaction. Rocklien Run is simple to learn, but hard to master. We have dynamic enemies, powerups, combos, shooting, all this with just tap and swipe controls. The dynamics of the game take care of the rest.
Working with two close friends. We were able to create a nice set of spaceship characters to drive the reward system of the game. 
As the Designer and Developer, it was really great to have two great artists with visionary minds. They helped push the game beyond what I imagined it could be and I'm really happy with what we've created.
Anyway, like I mentioned it's been an epic journey. I now have a game that I consider world class, and a newborn baby boy. Two perfect creations to kick off the next era of my life!
For those who are interested. The App Store link is:
You can also check out the gameplay trailer below.
I hope you enjoy!
Wen Po Sun